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MUT Superstars Program Overview

Times:2019-05-14 00:00:00
MUT Superstars comes to MUT… in the middle of the night. MUT Superstars brings upgraded players to highlight the Superstar and X-Factor abilities that are brand new in Madden 20. The biggest positive, to me, is that these MUT Superstars are going to allow us to test a lot of the abilities without spending an absurd amount of Training. Take a deep breath and let’s dive in.

Refresher: X-Factor abilities require you to complete in-game objectives to get your player “in the zone.” Superstar abilities are passive abilities, meaning they are always active in-game.

Who are the MUT Superstars?

Patrick Mahomes
Stephon Gilmore
Zach Ertz
Harrison Smith

Pro Tip: All of the Superstar Elites come stock with an X-Factor ability and 2 Superstar abilities. Aside from the offensive lineman.

How do I get them?
MUT Superstar Masters (Gilmore, Mahomes, Smith, and Ertz) are going to require you to complete their set. Although the Auction House is always an option, but these guys are going to be pricey for the time being.

Patrick Mahomes Set

Alshon Jeffery Superstar Item
Bryan Bulaga Superstar Item
Nick Chubb Superstar Item
70 of any Gold 77-78 Superstar Items
Stephon Gilmore Set

John Johnson III Superstar Item
Anthony Barr Superstar Item
Eddie Goldman Superstar Item
70 of any Gold 77-88 Superstar Items
Zach Ertz Set

Matt Paradis Superstar Item
Phillip Lindsay Superstar Item
Golden Tate III Superstar Item
35 of any Gold 77-78 Superstar Items
Harrison Smith Set

A.J. Bouye Superstar Item
Avery Williamson Superstar Item
Brandon Williams Superstar Item
35 of any Gold 77-78 Superstar Items
How do I activate them?

Once you have a player with any abilities on your team you can activate them in your lineup. Use the left stick, or d-pad, to go to the right of the screen and you’ll see an option that says Superstar X-Factors. Select the player(s) you want to have abilities for your next games.

You need to activate your players in the lineup screen if you want their abilities in game. Remember, only 3 players on offense and defense can have X-Factor abilities and Superstar abilities active.

Challenges and Milestones
MUT Superstars Sequence Challenges

16 Challenges
10400 Coins
80 Stars to earn
Daily Superstar Challenges

5 Stars a day
Milestones go up to a maximum of 245

50 stars for 84-85 OVR (non-auctionable/tradeable) Superstar Fantasy Pack
145 stars for 89-90 OVR (non-auctionable/tradeable) Superstar Master
175 stars - 2 77-78 OVR Superstar Gold Players
210 stars - 2 77-78 Superstar Gold Players
245 stars - 2 777-78 Superstar Gold Playe