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Madden 23: MUT Gridiron Guardians Program

Times:2022-09-23 00:00:00
Gridiron Guardians is coming back to Madden 23 and there’s plenty to be excited about it. Previously known as Madden Ultimate Team (MUT) Heroes, the Gridiron Guardians Program has been a fun addition to the game, providing a snazzy theme where each player is their own personal, comic book superhero.

Last year in Madden 22, a big part of this concept was the Super-Suit Strategy item. When applied, this card would provide a +1 boost to every skill trait for all Gridiron Guardian Players in your lineup. However, the boosts only lasted for an extended period of time and were not permanent once used.

But will anything differ in Madden 23 coins? The answer is yes and with a couple of new features worth checking out and putting to the test in MUT.

The first player reveal of the Gridiron Guardians Program took place today at 10:30AM ET on Good Morning Madden. The drop is set to be released in Madden 23 tomorrow and comes with 25 challenges as well. With plenty of new, superhero talent to add to your lineups, let’s check out all the players that are featured in the new reveal of the Madden 23 Gridiron Guardians Program.