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Madden 22: Focus on coach and coordinators highlighted in Franchise mode

Times:2021-06-23 00:00:00
EA Sports announced this Tuesday (22) more news from Madden 22. After starting with the cover of the game last week, the company began to show what's new in the franchise, starting with Franchise mode.
In Franchise mode, we control many aspects of one of the 32 NFL franchises in the simulator, from the draft choices to what will be done on the field by players in matches. See what was highlighted:


In Madden 22, we will have greater control over the coaching staff on the field, made up of the head coach, offensive coordinator and defensive coordinator

The team's development will be through a “Skills Tree”, with 16 talents to be explored at launch in August (and new options in the future, according to EA). This tree directly influences the players' attributes, to shape the team according to your game philosophy.

The tree will be supplied by Technical Team Points. The head coach develops the talents of their coordinators and players in building the team, while coordinators focus on improving characteristics to improve athletes' performance. These points are accumulated weekly by completing objectives proposed by Madden.

The technical staff will also be responsible for an element much requested by the game community. Through "scouts" throughout the United States, the body will look for quality prospects for the acquisition of new talent in the Draft.