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NHL 19 Will Have Some Painful-Looking Hits,

Times:2018-11-16 00:00:00
 See Them Here
NHL 19 is going to up the ante with its realistic-looking hits and collisions, it seems. EA Sports has released a new "collision physics trailer" for the game, showcasing some of the new animations that you'll see and feel vicariously through the controller.

The new collision physics in NHL 19 were apparently inspired by cover star P.K. Subban, who is a very big man known for laying people out like that time he completely trucked Brad Marchand. The video even shows a Subban-Marchand hit reminiscent of the one that happened back in 2010 when Subban was with the Canadiens.

"Everything that we did sort of represented what we were seeing in the modern-day NHL," EA Sports NHL gameplay producer Ben Ross says in the video.

As you'd expect, the physics system factors in how prepared a player is for a hit. If they have time to brace, the hit may not be very big or painful-looking. But if the player doesn't see the hit coming, that's when they could leave the ice and ragdoll.