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Madden 19 Brings Back Story Mode After 80% Of Players Finished First One

Times:2019-01-08 00:00:00
   Madden 18 added a cool new mode in the form of a narrative adventure called Longshot that featured Oscar-winning actor Mahershala Ali. It told the story of a local nobody, Devin Wade, trying to make it through high school and college and into the NFL. The story ended with Wade in training camp for the Dallas Cowboys, with the other character, Colt Cruise, not making it to NFL. There were a lot of loose ends. So thankfully, EA Sports is continuing the story with this year's Madden 19.

EA Sports confirmed this week that Longshot is coming back with a new story called Longshot: Homecoming. It will again feature Wade and Colt Cruise, following their achievements on and off the field. One piece of feedback that EA Sports heard about the original Longshot was that there were not enough sequences that featured actual gameplay, producer Ben Haumiller told GameSpot.