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How to buy and receive HUT 22 players in MMOAN

Times:2019-11-13 00:00:00

We are selling HUT 22 players via Trade Block. Its SAFER. Much safer. See how it works:

First of all, please understand in HUT 22, you can only use BAD player to exchange for GOOD player, and you can NOT do vice versa.

Then follow the steps below:

1. Choose HUT 22 coin in our site

2. Choose your platform (PS4 player, PS5 player or Xbox one player)

3. You may then see a 1K coin product, click Buynow

4. Search the player you wish to buy, find the cheapest player with at least 2 hours of remaining time. If its 650k (for example), you click the Quantity in order form to change to 650. Then you are paying for a player worth of 650K coins.

5. Take a picture of this GOOD player (showing his min. price and time remaining (at least 2 hours+))

6. Pay the order

7. We will get the good player you want. Then we will email you that he is in trade block, you use maybe couple of BAD PLAYERS to trade for him, and tell us via email which players you are using, we will confirm its you and trade the GOOD Player to you.

8. Exchange player and receive the player you want.

After your successful payment, we will get the GOOD player you want, and we will send your an Email telling you that we have posted him in Trade block. So you will use the previously informed BAD player to trade with our GOOD player, when BAD player information matches with the BAD player picture you upload, we will accept the trade, and you get the GOOD player now.

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