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MUT19 position

Times:2018-08-10 00:00:00
In addition to the three major features we have built, there are a few other important things worth touching on. A good place to start is an addition that all of Madden will benefit from and that’s the inclusion of seven new specialist positions. In the lineup screen you will see some new options (in addition to 3rd Down Half Back) that will help you get the players you want in the right position on the field in specific formations:
Rush Right/Left Defensive End
Rush Defensive Tackle
Slot Cornerback
Sub Linebacker
Power Half Back
Slot Wide Receiver
I’ll save the deep dive for a future blog, but at a high level, these positions were created so that gameplay could tag formations with these new specialist positions. So for instance, instead of having to manually sub a defensive end down to defensive tackle out of Nickel, just assign that player to your Rush Defensive Tackle slot and he’ll already be there every time you call a Nickel defense.
And since we’re on the topic of the MUT lineup screen, we should discuss some changes we made there. First of all, we felt like there was too much depth. There’s no reason to have positions like offensive lineman needing three total players per position, or five kick and punt return slots. So we shaved off the excess and then decided to make all the remaining positions for offense and defense count towards Chemistry.
There are now 25 slots on offense and 25 more on defense that count towards Chemistry. As long as you are playing someone in their natural position, they will be contributing to your team even if they never see the field. This does mean that Tiers of Chemistry will take more players to activate in order to balance out having so many more Chemistry slots than in year’s past.