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MUT19 Squads Challenges

Times:2019-02-06 00:00:00
MUT Squads returns in Madden 19 and, new this year, we have added the ability to play games against the CPU. You and two of your friends can team up to take on challenges that will be a mix of various difficulties, playstyles, and even weather. We will produce weekly challenges and plan on continuously updating that throughout the year.

While there are only a few new Squads Challenges each week, you will be able to replay them over and over for a consistent coin reward. In addition, there will be a sizable first-win reward and an extra incentive to beat each of these challenges at least once every week.

We’re excited about Squads Challenges because it offers a platform for players who just want to go have some fun together and not worry about having to play against another team of three. Also, Squads Challenges serves as a pseudo practice environment for Squads that just want to get some extra reps in before taking on the competition. And regardless of how you want to engage with Squads Challenges, there’s no doubt that we will be offering up some unique challenges that will put you and your team to the test.