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MUT 19 Solo Battles

Times:2019-03-13 00:00:00
Another feature we’re really excited to talk about is Solo Battles. Solo Battles brings the competitive feel of Weekend League to players who are more comfortable taking on the CPU. There will be 13 games per week, and in each game you will try to earn the highest Battle Score. Battle Score is earned from completing a Solo Battle game, winning a Solo Battle game, and the stats you accumulate in that game. There’s one additional factor for determining how many Battle Points you can earn and that’s by choosing your modifier. The modifier is a combination of difficulty and game style. The higher the difficulty, the higher the multiplier.

Solo Battle games are full game challenges vs. the CPU. The quarter length is set to three minutes and you will have only one chance to record the best possible results. There is no restarting or replaying a Solo Battles game like you can in a traditional Solo Challenge.

Each week your goal will be pretty straightforward – earn as many Battle Points as possible. The reward structure for Solo Battles will look fairly similar to Weekend League. There are 14 different reward tiers, which includes players who are in the Top 100. We’re not quite ready to detail the exact rewards for launch, but we plan on sharing those details when we get closer to that date.

There’s one more really unique aspect to Solo Battles worth mentioning. While you are playing against the CPU, the roster will be comprised of real-life MUT teams. That means if you are participating in MUT, you are potentially eligible to have your team chosen and represented in Solo Battles. And while it would be really exciting to have your team show up in Solo Battles, it’s just as exciting for the people playing. Since we are constantly pulling teams from the community each week, the rosters you are facing will always be in tune with the latest content in Madden Ultimate Team.