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MUT 19 Player Upgrades

Times:2018-09-25 00:00:00
The design that drove the most amount of feedback in MUT 18 was unquestionably Power Up Players. It allowed you to have the most powerful version of a player, but it came with some limitations that we could not handle without additional development. We definitely heard and understood the feedback and invested in building support for Power Up Players with Player Upgrades in MUT 19.

Let’s start from the beginning and discuss what made upgrading players difficult in Madden NFL 18. First of all, it took a lot of exploring through Sets and knowing exactly what you needed to do. This may not apply to everyone who is dedicated enough to read this blog, but Power Ups were too complicated. You needed to know how to navigate through the Sets UI, understand how to get Team Tokens, and then what you could actually do with them. Our first goal for Madden NFL 19 was to streamline this process and it started with building a new currency type – Training. Training is one of the things you’ll need to Power Up Players in MUT 19. The primary way you’ll earn Training is by quick-selling items you don’t need. More on Training a little bit later.

Now we can move onto the next layer of accessibility we added to upgrading players – removing the need to go to Sets. Wouldn’t it be easier if you could just upgrade players from the item itself instead of getting lost in one of the hundreds of Set paths? Yup, we agree. Now when you click on a player, the first thing you will see on the back is an option to Upgrade. If that player has an Upgrade option, you will be launched into the new Player Upgrades UI.