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Choose the Best MUT 20 Team Captain

Times:2019-06-18 00:00:00
MUT Captains make a return in MUT this year. If you’re new to MUT, or the MUT Captains program sounds completely new to you, you’re going to want to read this. You’ll be able to select a player out of four choices and then upgrade him to help improve your MUT team. Let us do a quick rundown of everything about MUT Captains.

“What’s a rundown?” - Jim

How do I get my MUT Captain?
At MUT Level 11 you will unlock a pack where you can select one 80 OVR MUT Captain. MUT Captains are non-auctionable and non-tradeable. You cannot quicksell them or add them to a set.

Who can I pick?

Dallas Clark
Ty Law
Herman Moore
Ryan Shazier
Who should I select?
The one thing you need to know is this will likely be Ryan Shazier’s only item this year. Which means the only way you’re going to be able to play with Shazier on your MUT team is with his MUT Captain card.

I’m going to say this a lot in my articles but at the end of the day, it is your MUT team, not mine. But if I had to do a quick ranking of the MUT Captains when upgraded to 90 OVR I'd go with:

Ryan Shazier
Herman Moore
Dallas Clark
Ty Law
How do I upgrade my MUT Captain?
There’s two ways you can access upgrades on any of your items:

From your Item Binder: Find your MUT Captain item, select it, and you’ll see the Upgrade option.
On the Adjust Lineup screen: Hover over your MUT Captain, hit X (square on PS4) to select Player Options and from there you will see the Upgrade option.

How much Training does it cost to upgrade my MUT Captain?
4760 is the total amount of Training it will take to upgrade your 80 OVR MUT Captain all the way to 90 OVR with his last Ability Slot and X-Factor Slot. You don’t need 4760 Training right away to start upgrading because it works as a tier system.

82 OVR Tier 1: 175 Training
84 OVR Tier 2: 335 Training
86 OVR Tier 3: 640 Training
88 OVR Tier 4: 1230 Training
90 OVR Tier 5: 2370 Training
Ability Slot 3: 5 Training
X-Factor Ability Slot: 5 Training